How To Start : Copywriting For Your Business

Talking about your business comes naturally to most business owners while others have to memorize their 30 second elevator pitch so they never have to stumble over words while describing what their business offers. Your website copywriting and social media messaging should tell your customers what you do, why you do it and convince them why they should love you too. It is a great way to engage customers before they even press the “Buy Now” button.

Writing about your business, products and services is a huge part of what makes your business unique. Being able to express why your product or service is better than the next in your own words, is crucial to your brands identity.

Drawing a blank on how to describe your business? It happens to the best of us. It shouldn’t be this difficult to write about something you created, right? You know everything about your business yet when you sit down to write kick ass descriptions you struggle to stand out from the competition.

Honestly, it’s difficult for many business owners. Even as writers ourselves, we tend to come up with writers block when it comes to explaining what we do. It is important that your messaging is concise, accurate and engaging. Copywriting is not for everyone. Some of the best advice we received early in our careers was to hire professionals for services that bog you down and take your away from running your business. Ours was accounting! Time is money.  If copywriting isn’t for you, outsource some of the Copywriting Services and check out what Launch My Media offers.

We created a method that we use daily for writing about our clients businesses and Launch My Media. Use this method to help create stellar copywriting in your business.


You can use this method for all types of projects, but it’s very successful for website copywriting.

1. Determine what you need to discuss in your copywriting. In the most basic sense it could be, service or product details, services or product pricing, mission statement about you or your company, about section, how to buy or how to use product info.

2. Give each one of those topics a title, ie: about, mission, pricing, about service, about product etc. This will be your header text.

3. Create 5 bullets for each title (could be a single word, or a full sentence)

4. Create 1 sentence for each of these titles that sums up the 5 bullets. This will be your sub-header.

5. Take those 5 bullets and create a small paragraph out of each bullet.

6. Before you construct a paragraph follow this method: Each paragraph needs: header line, sub header line, 3 sentences, one CTA (5 sentences total)

7. You already have the header and sub-header done, so you just need to tell them 3 interesting things about the product or service, in just 3 sentences, as a rule of thumb.

8. Begin to craft your sentences using the AIDA Formula: attention, interest, desire, action. Craft sentences with AIDA in mind to keep the reader engaged. Get their attention, speak to their interest in your product or service, remind them of how they desire it and then tell them how to take action now to encourage them to buy, try, follow you, contact you, set up a consultation, review a portfolio, download a price guide for example.

9. Call to Action: Your CTA is very important because it gives the customer direction on what to do next. Buy Now, Call us, Click here, are all simple CTA’s that we highly recommend, and something they are all you need. For those other times, you can build out your CTA into something bigger. We believe that the higher the price the longer your CTA can be, within reason. A full sentence to get someone to invest in your online course is normal practice, whereas buying a typical pair of scissors might only require a Buy Now button. The CTA is by far the most important piece of your copy, but if you have not led them to the CTA with your copy, writing beautiful copy but giving the custom no direction on what to do next would be a major fail point.

10. Do this for EACH topic you write about on your website.

Before you know it you could have a rough draft of your new copywriting outline in just an hour or so that speaks to your audience. Tweak it and change it over time as your business grows or your offer changes.



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