Basic Landing Page


A landing page is a single website page that offers specific incentives and converts high quality leads. It drives traffic to your website and focuses on a single goal for product-specific or promotional pages. As a result, this could be attracting crowds to an on-line event, downloadable content, drive traffic to your registration page, or a new product announcement.

It is a valuable business source in any industry because a Basic Landing Page can be used to sell almost any product or service.  Also, it does not have to live on your main website because it can be used as the landing page a customer hits after clicking on your Facebook ad.

Powerful landing page copywriting is important to the success of your inbound marketing strategy. We will create an engaging landing page that focuses on your sales goals and increases traffic and conversion rates. 1-hour Discovery Meeting to evaluate copywriting requirements

  • Evaluation of existing marketing materials
  • Creation of quality landing page copy with a clear marketing message that will engage readers
  • Custom content that could include; curriculum, client prospects, sales funnel copy, promotional material, adverts, website, etc
  • Create relevant call to actions (CTA’s) for your brand
  • Research your company demographics/industry to create unique marketing messaging
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Write compelling testimonials. Your choice from one of these options:
  • Interview your favorite 1-3 clients to get in depth testimonials/transcribe them/use the data for copy


  • Review your current testimonials and pull quotes to use as part of your copy and throughout your website
  • 5-page sales copywriting brief

Need more than just a single page to sell your product or service? Check out our Website Template & Website Wireframe Design for more website pages and custom design opportunities.

Or perhaps you are building a sales funnel that also requires copywriting for your Landing Page, no problem. We’ve got you covered every step of the way, check out Custom Copywriting services.


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