Manual Copywriting


A great user manual enables your customers or staff to navigate your product or policies easily and effectively. It provides education in a systematic approach and is intended to serve in defining, understanding and communicating policies and procedures.

Most importantly, a well written manual allows the user (customer or employee) to easily read, reference, and absorb product or company information. Our team will assist you in defining the message to your audience. We will create a department specific Manual for your company.

  • 1 hour discovery meeting to determine implementation of manual type: Product, operation, policy and procedure or user manual
  • Company research and a 1 hour meeting with relevant staff to define manual requirements
  • Write a compelling instructional manual that may include: table of contents/signee waiver/rules and regulations/department procedures/company hierarchy/step by step procedures
  • 10 page custom written department specific manual (for one department/area)



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