Audio & Video Scriptwriting 


A great video campaign starts with high-quality Audio & Video Scriptwriting that is used to build your brand, attract, and engage your prospects and generate leads. For example, scriptwriting can be used for explaining a process, promoting an event or product, or sharing your brand through customer testimonials.

We will identify your target viewer, craft your story outline, and write clear and concise marketing content about your product or service.  The story results in getting the viewers attention and therefore, creating an emotional hook that keeps the viewers attention and most importantly closes the sale.

  • 1-hour Discovery Meeting to evaluate scriptwriting requirements
  • Evaluation of existing marketing materials and video concept
  • Research your company demographics/industry
  • Creation of quality custom copywriting with unique marketing messaging that will engage readers
  • Up to 5 pages of custom scriptwriting for one video that can include; you tube, promotional, product spotlights, educational, online content such as podcasts or marketing materials, and explainer videos
  • Create relevant call to actions (CTA’s) for your brand
  • Final copywriting is provided in a download


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