Proofreading & Copyediting


Whether you are putting together a portfolio, presentation or have written a piece for your business you want to distribute, having a professional proofreading/copywriting review your work is essential to success. An experienced copywriter will proofread your document, check for errors and readability.  Most importantly, you can be confident all our writers have an excellent command of the English language. We will edit in a shared Google doc and provide direction to your project.

  • Read, review, and provide feedback on your current report/booklet/portfolio/presentation/written works.
  • Review of up to fifty (50) pages written content. Option to spread across multiple documents.
  • 100 pages of visual content. Option to spread across multiple collections of visual content
  • Provide a 30 min phone call and verbal feedback discussion about your project
  • Edit suggestions supplied in a google doc that you can consider for your project
  • Provide a 30 min phone call post edits to provide verbal feedback and discuss your project
  • Provide report on proofreading/copyediting

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