Sales Copywriting


Quality sales copywriting is an important part of your marketing as it turns your great ideas into a sound investment. A large percent of people are now working from home. Because of this they are making buying decisions online more than ever. More importantly these decisions are based on enticing sales copywriting.

Our team will use direct response copywriting, the most powerful form of sales copywriting. It is sales copy that engages the consumer and gets them to make an immediate buying decision. This form of enticing copy creates a desire which is a powerful emotion when it comes to purchasing. As a result, you will be able to clearly communicate with your audience.

  • 1-hour Discovery Meeting to evaluate copywriting requirements
  • Evaluation of existing marketing materials
  • Creation of quality custom sales copy with a clear brand marketing message that will engage readers
  • 1 Page of custom sales copy for your product or service landing page, that could include: hero’s journey, sales funnel, pay per click ads, adverts, promotional material, product/category descriptions, etc.
  • Create relevant call to actions (CTA’s) for your brand
  • Research your company demographics/industry to create unique marketing messaging
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Write compelling testimonials. Your choice from one of these options:
  • Interview your favorite 1-3 clients to get in depth testimonials/transcribe them/use the data for copy


  • Review your current testimonials and pull quotes to use as part of your copy and throughout your website

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