Snippet Blog


Snippet Blogs (or featured snippets) are short blog posts.  Snippet Blogs offer a high click through rate giving your business a chance to beat competitors and increase conversions while driving more traffic to your website.  Therefore, enabling users to get answers on a business or service on a search page without having to go to their website. 

We will ensure your snippet blog has an engaging title, one image, clickable link and a short description about the product or service you are featuring.  

  • 1 Hour Discovery Meeting to determine copywriting
  • Ten (10), 200 word blog posts
  • Content can include; curated content, business features, behind-the-scenes, special events, clients features, lists or how-to articles, star rating
  • SEO Friendly
  • Images included

Need more than just a Snippet Blog to sell your product or service? Check out our SEO Friendly Blog service. long form professional blog copywriting about your business. 


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