As we travel down the path of life (and business) we are faced with many obstacles. Let’s be realistic, they happen to everyone. No one is immune from obstacles being thrown in their path. It is how you deal with your obstacles that defines you.

Over the years I have learned a few things about overcoming some pretty big obstacles both personally and professionally. Obstacles that scared the hell out of me and made me question myself and my direction. BUT it was through those obstacles that I became wiser, more compassionate, a kick-ass businesswoman, and was better equipped to define my future.  I learned to accept that obstacles will always be there and how to turn them into something positive. I developed my own personal 10 tips for overcoming obstacles that as an entrepreneur have helped me time and time again.

10 tips for overcoming obstacles in business and life.

1. STAY FOCUSED – Stay focused on how you will be successful and don’t let yourself get sidetracked by things that do not contribute to its success.

2. REMAIN POSITIVE – As my Mother always said, “a positive attitude is half of the solution”. Focus on the outcome you want and remain positive about getting there.

3. NO WHINING! – No one likes a complainer and to be honest it does nothing to resolve your obstacle. More than anything complaining and whining just wastes time in the wrong things.

4. COMMUNICATION IS KEY – Ensure you communicate openly and honestly and pick your battles wisely.

5. ASK FOR ADVICE – Everyone has been faced with problems. Get advice from a trusted mentor to provide guidance. There is no shame in asking for help.

6. FACE YOUR FEAR – Don’t let fear consume you, it is just another bump along the road. Quitting is easy but conquering your fear takes courage. This is how your business grows. It’s also how you grow as a business person.

7. DON’T GIVE UP – When faced with one closed door, find another to open. I always told myself that saying no is not an option.

8. MIND OVER MATTER – You can make the obstacle as big or small as you want in your mind.

9. BE REALISTIC – Really evaluate the problem and then set realistic goals to overcome it.

10. PLAN YOUR STEPS – Sometimes goals can be big and daunting.  I find breaking it down into smaller bite sized pieces does not make it feel so overwhelming.

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